Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ethan's Nautical Nursery - A baby's room with a baby budget

Hello and welcome to RFDD...Red Fox Design & DIY!

In March, I had my third baby, Ethan.  As soon as I knew I was having a boy, I knew that I wanted his room to be all about sailboats!  In order to keep with the little budget, his room is full of DIYs and upcycled items.

To start with, the crib, dresser and glider were from Owen's nursery.  The bedding, valances and area rug were found at a giant baby consignment sale, Just Between Friends, they were PERFECT!

We moved into the our house two years ago and this room was being used as a guest room. It didn't have any character and was painted yellow, like the rest of the house, so it was like a blank canvas. The room got a fresh coat of paint and a good cleaning. I wanted the walls to be a sand color, to remind you of the beach. I also picked out a blue accent paint, that looked almost like denim, for some of the furniture accent pieces.

On the 'feature wall', I painted faux ship-lap.  It was so simple and gave the room the character I was looking for.  All I used was semigloss off white paint, a 6' level and a brown permanent marker.

My late father-in-law collected all things nautical.  When cleaning out his garage, we held onto some of his really cool items like the 'Captains Quarters' sign, the copper boat lanterns and the ship's wheel.

These nautical compass knobs and antique brass cup pulls from Hobby Lobby (oh how I wish they had a store near me!) were the perfect update to this hand-me-down dresser. The handles didn't come with the screws to mount to the drawers, so I found a shop on Etsy that made them, Prosser Bros Vintage.

The drawer under the crib was a must!  This is a tiny bedroom, compared to the other bedrooms in our house. Extra storage was needed for blankets and seasonal items. I found two drawers on the side of the road (!), added casters to the bottom, painted the front denim blue and added the handles.

Oh and did I mention I crochet...I made the blanket, too!  It came out exactly the way I envisioned, and is easily my favorite item in the room.

The nightstand, from Goodwill, got a fresh coat of paint and new knobs.  The handles were original to the drawers and fit perfectly with the design, so I kept them.

The gliding stool's foam had seem better days, so that was switched out.  It was then reupholstered with a sweater that was too big for my husband and also made a pillow to match.

The mirror was from ReStore, it used to go on top of a dresser. I painted it denim blue and added the rope to the frame for that nautical touch. My husband found the cute lighthouse light switch cover on Amazon.

Theses oars were also found in my father-in-law's garage, but had a beach scene painted on them. They got a new coat of paint to match the nightstand and mirror.

The giant metal ship and maps were found at local consignment sale and were a steal! The ship was cleaned up and spray painted with Rustoleum's Hammered Spray Paint in Brown and the maps were framed with store bought frames.

A nautical theme would not be complete without a compass...and yes, it points true north! It's a vinyl decal from another shop on Etsy, Sweetums Signatures, and was super easy to put up!

All in all, the entire room cost under $300, including paint. Not too bad, but i was lucky that I had the important items from Ethan's big brother, Owen. This may be my favorite children's room design yet, although I think all of them are fun! They are designed to be grown into so the items and accessories can be used throughout the years.